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Is it possible to never thank the commandant in week 1 of the spire?


edogg21 provided additional details:

Well I realize that but I meant if I keep giving him the finger will he keep hitting me until I thank him.

But I figured it out. You pass out after disobeying three time but lose a lot of experience in the process.

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Gimli1357 answered:

Yes, but if you give him the middle finger you will lose some experience but gain moral. you can also hit the commandant with the sword when he wants you to kill that one guy, again you will lose EXP but gain moral.
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MetalGearRAXA answered:

Yes. When he hits you, you can either respond with the "Thank you", or you can insult him.
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Misou answered:

You know, this is my fourth time playing through it, and I actually looked at my exp after I "lost" some. I didn't see anything get unlearned after. I think it only takes away from your available exp pool. So really, that's not a big loss.

My next playthrough = Total disobey.
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Dark_Cloud_2 answered:

Yes, it is possible.
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