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How do I find bloodstone if I havent been there yet?

I haven't been sent to bloodstone yet, but I wanna go there and get my DLC sword from the hall of the dead. What region should I start in to walk there and which direction do I head when I start at that region?

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spookwraith answered:

It is a mission, on of the primary ones after you rescue Garth from the Spire. After he opens a portal for you you have to do the mission called wraithmarshes.
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lionheart77x answered:

****Spoiler Alert****

Bloodstone is the town located on the far side of the Wraithmarsh. It is impossible to get there until returning from the Spire, at which time you will accompany Garth and Hammer on a mission to Brightwood Tower, where a Cullis Gate will take you to the marsh.
Alternatively, you can take a ship from various harbors, such as Westcliff, to go back and forth much like riding the carriage once you have discovered Bloodstone. Fast travel works as well.
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