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How do I beat the banshee in bloodstone?

Any tips or flat out advice to kill her. i have thrown everything i have at her. Spells my hammer and my rifle have no effect.

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Did that too it passes right through her.

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anthonyzucabar answered:

When she appears she is invulnerable due to the fog. Then she invokes her little childrens:
1.- Kill with a melee weapon her children before she starts to cry.
2.- When she starts to cry you have to stay away from her, killing the rest of children
3.- When you had lilled all her children she becomes vulnerable and the fog will disappear for a moment and she won't do anything. Then you must attack her.
4.- The fog reapper and the cycle'll start over again.
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Frohobo answered:

Kill the little shadows that she summons then right after that you can hit her but you can only hit her with a melee weapon AFTER you have killed all of the shadows she spawns.
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RagingBob answered:

I used a level 5 Inferno to blast the little buggers and then shot her with Red Dragon as fast as I could, she died before she could summon anymore help. Worked for me, hopefully it'll work for you too. Or if you have it try casting a level 1 Slow Time, level 3 Slow Time, and target a level 4 or 5 Stun/Inferno at her, though I honestly have no idea if you have the time for that.
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ermac1984 answered:

fire is your best weapon. if she lets out thoes little demons you MUST kill them before attacking her...
leve 5 infero should do it with one shot
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Anata_Kusoyarou answered:

I just killed her summons and shot her in the head repeatedly.
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Tobi011 answered:

When she hold her hands out and she looks like she wants you to come to her that is the time to attack her.
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spookwraith answered:

I finally got her with an axe. For some reason my master hammer passed right through her. Thanks for the help guys
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ridoldy answered:

Kill her children, then shoot her.


Worked for me.
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Kaiserstien answered:

As said above you just have to kill all of the little "girls" that she spawns, wait for her to "bow" her head down a little bit and the fog starts to fade away then start shooting at her head (easiest to target) until the fog comes back. she will then spawn the little girls again and you just have to repeat the process again and again until she goes down.
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theguywithagrin answered:

I found the best way to kill her is if you are a high level ranged hero. just take down the little guys, zoom in on her, aim at her face and blast away

Note: if you have the targeted aim ability and a turret of clockwork pistol, hold y, press LT, aim at her face and pound the y button. (you rapid fire like six shots in one second)
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dogluv115 answered:

You just kill the little shadow things and then you can attack her with whatever style of killing you want.
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Piliger answered:

I had a joke of a time with the banshees.

Here's my tactic. The second you see a banshee, charge up a lvl3 or 4 slow time spell. As SOON as that thing summons the minions, cast the slow time spell, then charge up a lvl5 attack spell. I use lightning, but inferno or blades work well too. Let that spell go in an area-of-effect, and your time control spell should still be active. If not, recast it, but only at lvl1. Now, charge a lvl5 attack spell, target the banshee, and let it fly. You NEED the time control though, even if only at lvl1, it give you just enough time to run behind the banshee to get away from any attacks, then charge your lvl5 attack spell to finish the job.
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cloudo740 answered:

I myself am a melee person. I used flourishes on the shadows she summoned and then wailed on her with my longsword. Took two rounds of her calling for mother(...i mean help) before but you get nice strength exp bonuses and was kinda stress releaving.
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dogluv115 answered:

You really dont need anything strong to kill the banshee. First you need to kill the shadow things she summondes, and then attack her with whatever you want. They are really not as hard as they make you think.
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Aldoenova answered:

i got the REAL ANSWER to killing the banshee at 1 AM i beat her... anyway when she summons her shadow children things smash them to bits (i hate them so much) heres what finally got her into cry mode for me as soon as she begins screaming hit her with *LEVEL 3 FORCE PUSH* lvl 1 and 2 probably work to, but i used *LEVEL 3 FORCE PUSH*... yeah... bring up your scope and bang bang shes dead.
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Beaglesx12 answered:

Easiest way to kill her, is to *spoilers?* Get the one handed axe from Donating to the Temple of light. For every banshee i've encountered, after swatting the lil guys down, i can kill her with a constant flow of melee swings. (She dies before she can send more)
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hustlerct answered:

Make sure you kill all the little shdow monsters first then just keep shooting at her, i used a master flintlock with lucky charm and ghoul augments was all over in a minuet.
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hustlerct answered:

Make sure you kill all the little shdow monsters first then just keep shooting at her, i used a master flintlock with lucky charm and ghoul augments was all over in a minuet.
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Sm_ok_e answered:

The one thing that got me was that I thought I had killed all the little shadow girls but I was randomly shooting and I shot at a shadow that had gotten on the dock to the right of were the banshee was.
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1DumKraka answered:

I had problems with this too as my game gliched. A friend of mine also had the same problem. I tried it over and over again, but still couldn't cause any damage so I restarted the quest and found that I couldn't warp to Bloodstone. You have to warp as close as possible and then walk there. Or at least that worked for me.
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Kayaus answered:

lvl 4 atttack spell to kill all her children at once
hold Y and aim with a master clockwork gun or the red dragon
she should die before you even need to reload
if not she should die the next shots
that shouldnt even take 30 seconds to kill her
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Roshimaru answered:

Level 4 surrounding fire spell should kill all the critters.
Then immediately charging fire spell again to 4 or 5 and targetting her should finish it in one hit.
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firebomb123 answered:

It seemed to me, like you needed to kill her children, hit her with a spell, then go and bust her up with your melee weapon...worked for me
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scarm09 answered:

first you have to kill ALL the creatures she summons(you cant hurt her when they are alive).after they are dead she will lower closer to the ground, bow her head, and fog will slighly disappear. then attack her rapidly she is vulnerable at this point.(if you dont kill her the first time she will rise a bit, the fog will thicken, and you do it again untill you kill her). "good luck"
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Diesirae82 answered:

I keep seeing the same thing for teh answer but i would just like to point out. It does not always work.
And i think i may know why. I noticed a light on one of the stones where her children should have spawned from ... no child from that one. But the light remained. i think this is truely a glitch where the children clip into the floor and you get at least thats what ive noticed...I fixed it by reloading the mish....twice...
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MiniPimp answered:

All you have to do is kill the little anklebitters that she summons then you will be able to attack her. You can shoot her if you like but i found that it was faster just to use melee attacks.
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Ultadan answered:

When i did this it could of been a glitch but she was on the dock facing the ocean and all i did was charge a lvl 5 inferno and blasted her and she died
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frodydude answered:

Take out the little devils first, then attack her, she will be vulnerable.
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