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Asked: 6 years ago

Two gargoyles i cant seem 2 find?

Im looking for 2 gargoyles one in fairfax garden and the other one in brightwood?
yah i got the one in brightwood tower.

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I know wheres the one in brightwood go 2 the caluis gate on top of brightwood tower from there u can vault 2 achorn knot

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From: Diapalka 6 years ago

Try the Achievement guide in the FAQ's section

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fairfax garden is in the castle or the tomb of lady gray and ive got 49 cant find 1 in brightwood try the forbiden fortress i think i got 2 there but i dont remember i no forsure theres one on the right side

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Go the achorn knot or what ever it is i found my last one there

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you need to buy the Tower and make the side quest, when you get the top of the tower, you can see the gargoyle in one window (shoot them and break the crystal), when the quest is clear your scars are eliminated. And for Fairfax you need to buy the Castle (1 million)

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Ya i need help to i can find the one in the neer the clock town in Bowerstone

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In brightwood there was a destroyed structure that had one gargoyle that you probably got, but it actually has two on it. its a broken structure with a treasure shest in it and there is also a band of bandits or hobbes near it

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Oh i almost forgot, if you havent found it yet there is one in the very top of brightwood tower where you use the bed and fight chesty, im afraid you have to own Brightwood tower though to get to the very top, there should be a ladder you can climb. then when you're up there you can hear him yelling at you and mocking you, if you look out the windows to the pillars outside you can see him

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The final gargoyle that you are looking for is inside castle have to buy the castle for 1 million gold...the gargoyle is located within the study.

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There is one on the outside if the castle. It will be on the front if the caslte high above the steps to get in. It will be in a Window. I used a rifle to get it and it helps to have zoom.

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@totalymessed: Check the furniture store... it's hiding at the top floor :-)

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Theres actually guides for this subject go to the faq's section

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