Question from Eddie_M10

Asked: 6 years ago

I Cant seem to find armor at all that i can buy or find where can i get some armor?

I keep getting killed because i have none

Accepted Answer

From: jonnymac899 6 years ago

There is no armor in this game, just clothes. Considering the time period it wouldn't make sense to have armor. Just get better at fighting and you won't die.

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Remember, the 'a' button is your friend to roll out of the way.

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Build up your toughness and learn to dodge and block.

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If you want armor you won't have to wait much longer(hopefully). Supposedly armor will be one of the things in the first DLC. But as of yet there is none.

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there is only armor in the SE

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There is Knothole Knight Armor.
But it is only avalible to the Premium Users of Fable 2.
Meaning you MUST compleat and have Knothole Island (Premium Edition)

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