Question from Eddie_M10

I Cant seem to find armor at all that i can buy or find where can i get some armor?

I keep getting killed because i have none

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jonnymac899 answered:

There is no armor in this game, just clothes. Considering the time period it wouldn't make sense to have armor. Just get better at fighting and you won't die.
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chinocholo answered:

Remember, the 'a' button is your friend to roll out of the way.
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finkrod answered:

Build up your toughness and learn to dodge and block.
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zeroarm42 answered:

If you want armor you won't have to wait much longer(hopefully). Supposedly armor will be one of the things in the first DLC. But as of yet there is none.
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Brinson6789 answered:

there is only armor in the SE
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DylanRAllen answered:

There is Knothole Knight Armor.
But it is only avalible to the Premium Users of Fable 2.
Meaning you MUST compleat and have Knothole Island (Premium Edition)
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