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How do i use augments?

I have three augments but i have no idea how to put them on my weapon?

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freecreditscore answered:

Some weapons don't have augment spots that might be your problem
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oliver262 answered:

Either on the menu or the items menu there should be somthing for aguments and you apply them from there
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mikebramwell answered:

Your weapon must have an augment slot in order to use an augment on it. You can tell if has a slot by looking at it's name in the menu, you'll see a little O by it if it has a slot. Most weapons won't have them, but most Master weapons will. Try looking at a Master Hammer to see what I mean.
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Jolly_Green answered:

Sometimes the same weapon will cost a couple thousand more, look to the right of the name. If there's one or two little almost invisible green circles, you can add one or two augments to your weapon. For the crappy augments that will scar you or make you cause less or take more damage, there are better versions. Don't use the crappy augments. The better ones are usually available at Bower Stones for a little more gold.
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