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Quest that ages you glitch?

Someone said that you would revert back to normal after a few loading screens is this true or is it just random because it says it MAY be permanent.

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S2JStubb23 answered:

I did the age quest for Reaver and my eyes were red for a couple continues and then they turned back to normal. but yes just dying your hair pretty much gets rid of the agin effects.
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Valnakrume answered:

You don't go back to normal after doing the aging quest, but the only drawback of taking the aging is your hair goes grey. Dye it back and it's like it never happened, there are no other drawbacks.
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nightphantom850 answered:

wtf did you hear that from....?

..... I never seen something liek that or ehard something like that.... I finished the game. You age till your about 50 then stop... I know that in the end of the game you go through like a memory lane where u become a kid for aa short while but thats it.
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geonizer answered:

my eyes stayed red and there were definitely wrinkles on the face. he sure looked more of an old geezer until I dyed his hair back.
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KaosWulf answered:

Your face gets wrinkled from being corrupt. If you're pure and good you wont have any wrinkles regardless of age
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