Question from blazinchronic

Asked: 5 years ago

Possible glitch with Donating to the light?

I found this website when trying to figure out how to complete the quest. So anyway when i had donated the 10000 gold coins to the temple and had recieved The Rising Sun; the quest had not updated. It still says " Description: Make donations at the Temple of Light." is this quest just going to stay in my quest log for ever or am i supposed to donate even more gold? or is this a glitch, can someone please explain to me whats up? thanks & respect

Accepted Answer

From: xKibblesx 5 years ago

Ive completed the game and most of the side quests and i still have the 'Donate to the light' quest! For every 10000 you donate it increases your reknown and gives you pure points, but i dont think its ever actually completed. Although i cud be wrong....

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