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Where can I buy a wedding ring?

My character is a female, but I don't understand where in Bowerstone I can buy one for a man.

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deathconjust answered:

Jeweler or gift shop
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spartan100 answered:

Buy the forever ring or any ring from the jeweler in front of the pub
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KuroHo answered:

A ring should be a ring, it most likely doesn't matter, since I accidentally gave a guy a ring while my character was a guy (I killed the person hehehe)
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Akira__X answered:

Just go to any Jeweler or gifts trader. It doesn't matter what ring it is, as long as its a ring. But it does matter what class your future fiance is. If he's upper class then he'll expect a more expensive ring and if he's a beggar then it doesn't matter
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UltaMatt answered:

All rings are wedding rings, and almost all of them work on common folk (up too 3 star rings)
A safe bet is to buy a 4-5 star ring. The 4 works on everyone in town. 5 stars will work on those few highest class people.
So where are said rings?
Rings are sold from Gift Traders and Jewelery shops and booths.
If you're short on cash, get the seller to fall in love with you or like you more.
If it is a shop, there will be discounts eventually (supply/demand), just check your map for sales. (Some can get as low as -75% and a price increase of up too 100% >_< )
Don't want to shell out gold because your saving up?
Simply wait, you will likely find one later in the game as you quest/explore.
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700SPIHC answered:

There is a jewelry shop right outside the pub in the Town Center.
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