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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you donate to the temple of light??

When i go to stand in the circle to donate nothing happens

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thanks it worked

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From: Lord_Bac0n 6 years ago

Theres little vase thing that glows green next to the guy who takes to you when you enter.
Say you enter, and stay in the center, its at about 3 'o clock

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3 'o clock? You have to donate a minimum of 500 gold the 1st time at anytime of the day and to get a legendary weapon, you have to donate a minimum of 10 K at between 12pm and 1pm. Also, when you go into the Temple of Light the donation box (it looks like a big vase) is right next to the monk who is standing by the statue at the back wall of the temple.

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What he meant by 3 'o clock is that if you walk straight into the temple, and stand in the center, the donation box will be at about 3 'o clock if the place were a giant clock face. The weapon isn't too spectacular however..really only should be gotten for completion's sake.

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