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How Do i marry someone?

I need to marry someone but do you have to have the expression? If so where do i get it...

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Ulvirfaust answered:

You just use the romantic expressions you already have to make them max out the love meter. Then give them a ring that you've either found or bought. Then have them follow you to a house you own and click on the sign outside the house (the sign you use to rent it out or whatever) and choose to make that house your marital house.
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homefry324 answered:

No just get them happy enough give them a ring have them follow you to a house and make it your wedding house
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ecklab answered:

You start with quite a few expressions, if not just flirt by itself.... as you progress through the game ull get alot more. when the hearts full u give them a ring and buy a house (rent as martial home) and voila. wife(or husband)
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