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(Spoiler) Ending?

I have seen messages talking about the ending and i am really close to end it and i wanted to know what were the choices given ive seen some saying family and money and the dog but i just want to make sure what are the choices given at the end and what the consequences of each so i can get the idea of what to chose once i get there

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Akira__X answered:

If you choose sacrifice then everyone who died because of The Spire are brought back to life, Idk if that includes Bob. Oh and you get a statue in Old Town and 300 good points.

If you choose Family then your family and your dog is brought back to life. I don't think that includes Rose, but I'm not entirely sure, my guess is that it doesn't. Also if you choose this option then a lot of people will be mad at you because you had a chance to bring back their loved ones but you didn't.

I heard if you choose Wealth then you get 1 million gold, which is pretty cool but you also get i think..300? or so evil points.

NOTE: If you choose anything but Family then your dog does not come back to life. And you can't get a new one. You will be officially dog-less. So this means all quests that require digging you can't do. Also you'll have to find treasure yourself.

Hoped that helped =)
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XxDeadDragonxX answered:

Good - You get a statue in Old town.
Family - Your family and dog are brought back to life.
Bad - You get money.
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SporeManiac13 answered:

The good choice sucks. Choose family or Bad
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SporeManiac13 answered:

Bad (I hear you get One Million gold!)
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