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Asked: 6 years ago

Whats the secret of the three gems?

I got the three rare gems from the old kindom whats their secret?

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looooooooool thnx XD

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From: Jwguy 6 years ago

It seems that they are "Red herrings", as it were. Items in a game with no actual meaning except to make the player think that there actually is a meaning, and cause them to waste time looking for it.

As of right now, there is no official statement on the gems, not online, or in the guide, so you may just have collected three useless (Vendor trashing aside) baubles. Congratulations on getting all three, though. ^^

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Pretty much Trophys you can't display.

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Where do you find all 3 at i think i have 2 but im not sure

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actually the diamond of sorrow makes it to where u can get no scars.
the stone of Myr' Bregothil makes your eyes red for 2 days.
and the emerald of corruption makes u look like the evil guy on the case.
thats our theory cant find emerald of corruption so we can't actually prove it. but we have proven the diamond and stone

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Where are those gems, and are thay augments, or how do thay have such effects????

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Ok were do u find these things

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Diamond of Sorrow is from the Brightwood Tower quest (after you buy it.)
The Stone of Myr"Bregothil is from the quest after you buy the Cemetery Manor.
Unfortunately I know nothing of this Emerald of Corruption..

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I think the last "Emerald of Corruption"
is the jew you get when you finished the archicalogy quest chain with the evil ending.

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