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*Spoiler* Fairfax Gardens last Demon Door items inside?

*=Spoiler=*, "For the ppl who opened the last demon door only!" Umm well.. does it really worth it? after completing all the demon doors i was thinking about what it could be inside the last one, just a 50k with a book? i didn't even notice whats the name of the book so i just skipped it, anyone have a clue? in my opinion it doesn't worth it at all.

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Jwguy answered:

Just 50k and the book, I believe. It does, however, provide the sense of accomplishment for actually having gotten all of the doors, though, and you don't really have to do anything but get the rest for it.
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TeXaS_PiE answered:

The book is "Someones Poems" (someones of course not being the actual name)
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The_Antifart answered:

It's not very hard to find. It's in Fairfax Gardens. Just go to the castle and there is a tunnel near both sides of the wall along with a silver key. Just make one turn and you'll find the door in a dome-like room.
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heveyarms answered:

If you ask me its more everything before that one and I've always fond it fun to open demon doors. On top of that the last doors stuff is like six billon times better then the stuff in the door in Brightwood.
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ashynioki answered:

The book is titled "Marcus's Poem," and it seems very much like a song I've heard but don't recall. Overall, I found the contents of the door rather disappointing. Yet nowhere near as frustrating as the fact that I have opened the door, but it still makes the sound effect of an unopened demon door every time I pass above it to enter the throne room of my castle!
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