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How do you destroy the gargoyle statues?

I've found some in the graveyard and the Temple of shadows but can't figure out how to destroy them, I've tried all of my weapons and nothing works. :?

What am I doing wrong? The ones in the graveyard are ontop of some pillar things and I dunno if or how to manual target so I can point upward.

billnye69 provided additional details:

Is manual target required to destroy them then? and where do I but it?

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thanx4theluv answered:

When you get enough exp buy dexterous styles and upgrade until you get aim then find a gargoyle hold y and while holding y aim ay it and let go it will fire destroy it and it will say you started a new quest
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Mayesyboy answered:

To manual target you need to buy the ability first, then hold Y
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phish3r answered:

Under skills in your abilities tab.
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bigbluetick answered:

Upgrade Skills to get manual target, I think its the 3rd star. Yes you will need to be able to target the gargoyles because they are going to be kinda hidden.
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lopen139 answered:

you need maual targeting, which is a skill skill, you should upgrade the dexterity thing.
If you don't have enough exp, you can always cheat by:

taking a second character with a second controller (press start) and dont sign it in, then unlearn all of the abilities of the second character and put him away, you get the refund exp from your pal
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