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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find anything resembling RED dye?

I've been hunting red dye, I've got a really deep blue(something like, revenge blue?) and Moonless Black, as well, but, I'd like to find a deep red, like a Crimson, anyone have any idea if there is such a dye? If so, where is it most likely to show up, it's not appeared in Bowerstone Market, I stalked there for the better part of the game(Stylist, Female Tailor and Male Tailor did not get that color dye in stock)

I'm not looking for pink, I want red. Any help would be most appreciated :)

Accepted Answer

From: Arcregal 6 years ago

Here's a list of the red type dyes I've bought...
Impermissable Carmine Dye (a Red color)
Kangarouge Dye (Slightly more darker then Carmine Dye)
Vermillipede Dye (A pale red... or a dark pink)
Red Letter Dye (By far the darkest red...)
All dyes were tested on the coat "Crop Top Jacket" Some other coats can be darker or lighter (Like the assasin's coat... Very dark primary color.)
All found in Bowerstone/Oakvale

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The closest thing is Red Letter Dye. Its in a chest somewhere in Brightwood. Its on a path or trail. Im not sure exactly but it is in Brightwood.

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I bought it(Red Letter Dye) on Bowerstone Square from the male clothing dealer.

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Scarlet Slime Dye is ow-my-eyes neon red, if you're interested.

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In the ladies tailor in Bowerstone there's apocalyptic pink dye. But I think you have to do the DLC chest thing.

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I have played this game through to the end 7 times and have only come across the liquid gold dye 1 time. I dug it up in a random location. If ANYONE knows if this is located in any secure location please contact me via email at or myspace at Thank you...

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Personally I'd go with Impermissable Carmine for red. Red Letter looks black in a lot of lighting

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***** star red die is going to be the best as I think it gives you an attraction boost, well it seems to on my game.

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Red Letter dye, some idk if traveling dye traders have it but check the Bowerstone Barber, male and female clothiers

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Oh and Liquid Gold dye is sold by traveling dye traders Ryan

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If you download Knothole Island, there's two new red dyes. "Knothole red dye" which is, well, red. Also a darker version called Knothole dark red dye or something like that. This isn't important but I'd just like to say that I found the description of the dark red... interesting.

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