Question from squashua13

Any drawbacks to using the mysteriuos ring? does it kill my wife?

RSAhawker asked for clarification:

Undead lady?

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headscar918 answered:

Wow. I'd rather not marry an undead witch who's body was ripped apart and scattered. It just doesn't suit me.
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crisis_grey answered:


I believe that's the only ring that will make a certain undead character marry you.
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fienicks answered:

Thats not true, she will marry you with any 4 star or above ring
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SporeManiac13 answered:

No, only the mysterious ring or an eternal love ring (5 stars) will get her to marry you. She called my 4-star ring a useless trinket.
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stellarwolf213 answered:

You're probably referring to Lady Grey in "Love Hurts" quest.
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sir_laugh_o_lot answered:

ahhhh gross necrophila.....(Kills EVERYONES UNDEAD wife)
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Isbird100 answered:

So those of of us without Xbox live are doomed then?
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meshuggah06 answered:

No lsbird100, you are not. I thought my ring was 4 star but may have been 5 star but the short answer is no. Lady Gray will still marry you (and pop out kids) without the mysterious ring.
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Gilgamesh-brate answered:

how sweeeet. My sons name will be Frankenstein Junior, gaggagagagagagaga
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Dudespartan119 answered:

The mysterious ring (according to my friend) will act like a 5 - star ring and if u kill ur wife it will return to ur inventory.
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Can you kill Lady Grey I tryed to but then she just keeps breaking up eith me and leaves the town. I got full stats on everything and I hit her with the Daichi.
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RighteousFlame answered:

To answer WWEKINGJERKO, the only way to kill her is by sacrificing her to the shadows. By the way, I know this because I made her fall in love with me just to kill her, I hated her in the first game....
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Ryol answered:

OMG! An undead witch! From fable 1! It must be............... Your sister from the first game!.....and.....and thereasa must be lady gray! In disguise! Oh God that explains the creepy ending where she says that the spire is hers in that evil sinister voice that gives me the chills! BREAKTHROUGH PEOPLES! Lol fart jokes
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Ryol answered:

Oh spoilers in the last post
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jumi answered:

No, it does not kill your wife. It supposedly makes whatever you do to whoever has the ring make a bigger impression on them. If you do something nice (like tell a joke or play the lute), it will make them happier than if they didn't have the ring, and if you do something mean (fart, burp, etc.) it'll make them madder than if they didn't have the ring.
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gaskgkasghks answered:

You all do of course realize that if you mariied grey in fable 1 shes pretty much youre great great great great great grandma right so necrophelia and incest
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