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Which is better the Red Dragon or the Perferator+agumaent help?

Ive alwas heard that the Red Dragon was the best gun in the game but when i got the perferator it had (best) next to it any opinons? and can i take the auguments out of legendary wepons?

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HybridTheory13 answered:

The red dragon does less base damagae, which is why the perforator says best, but the red dragon is alot faster on fire and reload, so you do damage faster.
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biglittleman12 answered:

Well I haven't gotten either of those but my friend has Red Dragon and says it's the best. I'd say keep both and do what ever one you like. I'd prefer Red Dragon tho. because when i got Hal's Rifle (AR from halo), it said it was the worst with only 59 dmg. i gave it a nice augment and its one of the best guns i have. but i still keep everything else just in case i feel like switching.
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