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Gargoyles help ?

Im at 48/50 so far and one is on farfaix gardens and the other is in bright wood. i got the one is the forsaken fortress the one in the tower after u buy it the one on the island and the one on some ruins near the demon door. i cant find the last one 4/5 can anyone tell me where its at that will help alot thanks ?

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DashingImbecile answered:

The one you need in Brightwood is in Archon's Knot:

- This Gargoyle is in the the very first spot where you drop in. Just Swim out of the water Turn around and shoot'em.

There are two in the Garden, But in/on The castle.

- One is on the castle high up outside. Just stand right before the intersection of the Gardens, Aim up toward the front of the castle higher up more less in the middle.

- One is in the library. Run up the circlular steps and look around on the bookshevles. He should be on the left hand side a little higher up.
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homefry324 answered:

The one is brightwood is probably the achorns knot go to the culis gate and jump on the back side and the one in fairfaix is prob in the castle
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