Question from TheChadster789

Where do I dig up the last artifact?

The clue they gave me has me stumped, anyone know?

S2JStubb23 asked for clarification:

What do you mean only if you picked family?

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xeno391 answered:

Yes, it is located in Reaver's Rear Passage, but you do not have to pick The Needs of the Few to get it.
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Bela_Lugosi answered:

It's buried in Reavers Rear Passage, you can only get this artifact if you picked family at the end of the game.
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The_Antifart answered:

It's in Reavers rear passage (if you passed the game you'll know what it is). Thats all I'm saying.
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PokeLady answered:

Just want to point out that I DID NOT PICK the Needs of the Few, I chose the needs of many and I was fully able to get this artifact as well.
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eeeen123 answered:

How many artifacts are there in the game?
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