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What clothing store does tart gloves & boots appear in?

I can't find these 2 clothing items and would like to know what storethey appear in.

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SillySai answered:

They are sold from the general store stable in Knothole
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fienicks answered:

Any lower level store should carry it. Try clothing stalls (westcliff) or any traveling sales person. Having said that, however, i'm not entirely sure the boots or the gloves exist for the "tart" line of clothing.
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Jmjohannsen answered:

Its in bloodstone
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ashynioki answered:

The tart gloves and boots do not appear in any clothing store. Bloodstone only has the Lover's Plume, tart bodice and tart skirt, regardless of economy etc. You can only get the boots and gloves as gifts from prostitute characters that are not your spouse.

Note: Also, the bandit boots and gloves can only be received as gifts from thug characters that are not your spouse.
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mjpk13 answered:

It's on knothole island by the general goods trader
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HybridTheory13 answered:

there is a female tailor in bowerstone across from the stylist. They carry it when the economy is around 3 stars, but they may have it on 2 or 4 stars.
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Roniellio answered:

Or, you can get the whole tart set from a chest in the snowglobe. Its not too hard to find.
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bunnykiller456 answered:

You can get it from the female clothes trader in bowerstone
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nightclass03 answered:

I was just able to get these items from the General Goods stall in Knothole Island; Yesterday (Sept 16th 2009). though it is not always there I did play for a good 3-4 hours before it showed up; you would just have to deffinetly do the run around first though (most of the side-quest after you get back from the tower).
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TEI90 answered:

Go to Bloodstone and find the clotfhing shop there. i think it is on top right of bloodstone.
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