Question from kolten77

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (the last Brightwood Gargoyle)?

II only need one more gargoyle in Brightwood. I have found the ones in the Foresaken Forest, near the westcliff road exit, top of the Brightwood Tower, on d on the Island in the southeast where is the last one?

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From: crisis_grey 6 years ago

you have to buy the Brightwood Tower, it's up in the tip top, climb the ladder that descends at the top, then the GG is sitting outside one of the windows in the room with the bed.

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I've found the one at the top of the Brightwood Tower, Forsaken Forrest, and near Westcliff. I need one more, any ideas?

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The GG you are missing is at the following location.

Archon's Knot - to get here you need to climb up to the teleporter on Brightwood tower and jump off into a circular hole. this leads into Archon's Knot. As soon as you drop down into the water there is a GG behind you

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SquelchedChains is correct on this question.

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