Question from Calariel

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the Explorer's Coat?

The official guide lists it (it also lists the Highroller's coat as separate) but doesn't say where it is. Will a clothing vendor ever carry it? I know they get different stock in (not sure how often).

Additional details - 6 years ago

The guide says the highrollers coat is not the explorer's coat. It lists them both seperately. I'm confused though as to why no one has found it. I wish the guide would say where all the items are. The guide is lousy.

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From: homefry324 6 years ago

Highrollers coat is a prize in fable pub games

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So you have to buy the pub games to get it?

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I'd kinda like to know where to get the explorers coat too - my first wife had a thing for them, and I was never able to find one anywhere...

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It's a Bradygames guide, they are terrible when it comes to errors and typos. I've had trouble with them all the way back to games like Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VIII. Seriously, they're horrible

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So nobody knows where the explorer's coat is at. this is disappointing that the guide misleads you all the time. I had more help from gamefaqs. But if anyone finds out where please let me know

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It does not exist, as MANY other common sense items, skills etc.

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I have not located the Explorer's Coat either, and what I have heard from faqs is that while it is supposed to be in the game, no one has found it yet. I seriously just want to kick Garth's but and take it off him, cuz his coat looks exactly like the one in the guide.

!!Spoilers!! FIY about a few other clothing items you may have trouble locating: the tart boots and gloves are gifts from prostitutes that are not your spouse, the bandit gloves and boots are gifts from thugs that are not your spouse, and the only way to get that stinkin' top hat is to kill Charlie, but if you are female you can't keep it!

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Its not in the game some how they forgot to put it looks kinda like the highrollers coat though so most peopel use that insteed. They will most likely get it in there with an up date or DLC quest like they did with the tart boots and glove and the middle class male hat with knothole island.

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