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Where can I find full assassin's gear?

hey guys, i was wondering where i can find the full gear for the assassin outfit (if there is full gear)

i know the coat is near Thag but what about the boots, gloves, pants, shirt, etc?

thanks for any info!

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aaronavery answered:

Only the Assasins Coat is available at the Momment.

The Assasins Gloves will soon be available with the new DLC [Knothole Island]

what you could do for the meantime is Dye a pair of Trousers Black with the Midnight Dye.

Hope this Helps
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Holy_Hobo answered:

There isn't full gear, only the coat.
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sir_laugh_o_lot answered:

Untill I buy the fable 2 Guide I cant tell you if there is full assassin gear. I am not sure if its even listed in there. But I think if they impliment one piece and dont impliment the rest, then they are lazy.
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RedSource answered:

You can buy the gear and highway man stuff in the crucible
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