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Asked: 6 years ago

Do female characters start to looks awful?

When you level up their physique and such, do they start to really look less like a woman and more like a man?

Additional details - 6 years ago

dang, I wish they would have made females get better looking.

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From: amanyx 6 years ago

Yes, increasing Physique makes them look more manly. I moved to level 2 physique and she lost a bit of fullness in her lips and her jaw squared and lengthened like a man's. I don't know what else changed as she wears noble's clothes, which keeps her covered everywhere but her face.

I removed level 2 physique and her appearance returned to the way it was before.

So it's fixable, at least. Kind of sucks if you want your female to actually be effective in melee combat, though.

I don't eat a lot of foods, mostly potions, but celery keeps them thin if you notice she is putting on some weight, so at least that is avoidable.

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Ohh yes my charicter looks like a fat man and one of the quests made it so shes got no hair. i think you will be ok if you dont eat meat though. not 100% sure but i can say they do turn manly.

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Yes the girl does look ugly you could always take physique off, she goes back to normal i guess..... haven't tried

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Different clothing plays a HUGE factor as well, and not so much mens/womens fashions either. I was a "demon pirate" for awhile (full evil wearing noble gear), and my female character looked extremely masculine even without physique levels. But throw on an Assassin's Coat and even with maxed Physique she has curves in all the right places.

Large, flowing outfits don't hug like they should (i.e. Monk Robes make everyone look obese).

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I tried it now but it sucks the people thought i was ugly so they have horrible taste : )

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