Question from squashua13

Asked: 6 years ago

Is there a way to decrease age? I sacrificed myself for the age thing in the dungun.

I hate reaver. now im really old. what do i do to be young again?

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From: Guttzs24 6 years ago

I also chose to become really old. I actually really liked the look afterwards, especially with my character, he looked all sage like and also gained glowing red eyes. I realized later on that his youth reappeared, and I imagine the reason is either a glitch or I continued on the path of purity, or like death said, after you dream right before the end. That might work out for you. I am pissed that he lost the glowing red eyes though...

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Why didn't you make the girl take it? It only gives you 50 sin points.

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But what if they want to be 100% good? They say it is decreased *SPOILER* after your dream when you get shot again!

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Sleeping in the brightwood tower and doing the chesty quest line will make you young again when you go back to the real world.

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I kept the dark seal, and made me old and glowing red eyes, so that's not a glitch. Gotta try the chesty dream thing.

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