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Age reduction?

Is there a way to stay young after doing reavers little quest? Like age reduction like in Fable 1? Or do i have to sacrifice the poor girl to stay young?

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Lostfighter001 answered:


If you wanna do any kind of age reduction, you can A) Pay a nice sum of gold at the temple of light, or B) buy the brightwood tower and sleep in the bed. Play the mini game and any scarring or aging once put on ur character will dissapate.
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AzureLivesOn answered:

According to many reports, one of the game's major glitches is the aging process is removed eventually as you play- reverting you back to your original self. Others have claimed they never aged at all during the quest, even though they chose to sacrifice themselves. I do know that a good amount of the aging removal is confirmed to happen during the events in the Tattered Spire near the game's end (**SPOILERS**...................After your dream..................).
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S2JStubb23 answered:

Aging doesnt really take effect any ways. Its like the only thing that changes is your hair. That you can just dye. So......have at it mate.
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MelchiorMune answered:

This sounds odd at the least, but when I made the choice to sacrifice myself the only thing that happened is my character's hair reverted from black to his good induced blonde and...strangest....his eyes turned solid violet. Any idea why this happened?
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Jolly_Green answered:

If you kept the dark seal, you got aged and got glowing red eyes, I've heard that you can buy Brightwood Tower and sleep in it, then you have a dream. If you beat "Chesty" you will be young again.
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Grimmtales answered:

Is there any way to get rid of my glowing red eyes? they dont match my halo or my outfit
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