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How do I become 100% Pure?

I've already beat the game and i just want to become 100% Good now

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mikebramwell answered:

You can donate to the temple of light, eat certain kinds of food, or lower the rent/prices of any and all shops that you own.
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gunsnrosen17 answered:

Donate to the temple?
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sir_laugh_o_lot answered:

Do good, lower rate on stores/shops to a -##% and that should greatly assist you.
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Shadowguard2008 answered:

donating to the temple of Light raises good, not purity
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GREGUINHO2134 answered:

Using condom. Have a healthy life and be happy!!!!
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master_of_rofl answered:

try slave rescue missions and eating tofu and other non-meat/fish or alcohalic items. fruits and vegies work too. also somw houses give a pure bonus when you buy them and them sleep in them. lowering rent helps too that just being an all-round nice guy. :D
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cbast1 answered:

If you're asking about the morality alignment (the good/evil meter), donating repeatedly to the Temple of Light (or repeatedly giving gold to beggars) will give you more good morality points. There is a max. threshold of goodness points you can get for each individual donation, so don't donate any more than you have to or you'll be wasting money.

If you're asking about the other alignment (purity/corruption), the easiest way to increase your purity is by lowering prices and rent rates of properties you own. However, the alignment meter will only change when you get gold from your properties (every 5 min. in real time) so you'll need to leave it awhile before you see a change. The more properties you lower the prices/rents on, & the lower you set them, the more "purity points" you'll get each time you collect gold.
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