Question from Holy_Morale

Asked: 5 years ago

Is your wife supposed to go to other towns if you didnt ask her to follow you?

Ehh, I was getting the swinger achievement in bloodstone ( the marital home is in the bowerstoen market) and as soon as i walk downstairs i noticed a ring and shes here saying 'how could you cheat on me' o_O.....soo....any thoughts LOL?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I mean our marital home is in Bowerstone market, im wondering how she got all the way to bloodstone, and she only went there when I got the swinger achievement.

Accepted Answer

From: Gimli1357 5 years ago

My brother had the same problem. His wife got CLONED!!! :-o his wife was in to places and both of her divorced him.
;D ha, ha, ha.

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No she isn't supposed ti leave her town. Other then that I don't know what your getting at.

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