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2 Different Evils??

I am evil on my file almost 100%. I rele plae skin, blue Will lines n red eyes, and im also pure.
My frend is also evil, almost 100% he has horns, red Will lines n normal skin n eyes and is also pure
If r stats r pretty much the same, y we so different then??

S2JStubb23 asked for clarification:

How do you become pure but stay evil?

SinStarship provided additional details:

Cheers 4 the answers guys, special Guttzs24
Btw Chinocholo to be pure and evil jst do evil things but at the same time wear clothes 2 make you more attractive and just eat fruit n veg especially celery

Accepted Answer

Guttzs24 answered:

I heard that in order to counteract the problem everyone what having in Fable 1 where every characher pretty much looked the same, your character actually changes depending on how you level and in what manner. Example: you start lvling str and will first but leave skill alone, your character will change in a different manner if you went a different path. The same could be assumed with good/evil and purity/curruption. It would make sence in your situation, and would make everyone no matter how there stats are, still look a little different. Even if you have every stat maxed and all good and pure, you should look different in comparison to the next guy who has all the same stats. I hope that helps.
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gamedart_com answered:

I think the creators wanted more game to end up differint to mak it more interesting or something....
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chinocholo answered:

Maybe, corruption/purity
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