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How do I get Marred?

I just got the game and im a teen so far I wanted to now how and when do you get marred, Do I have to be an adult to be marred? and how do I get Marred?

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captaindudemonk answered:

Here are some simple and fast / easy steps :D

1.Chose a Girl

2. Left Trigger her and do More info

3. if there's a [ Likes Expression : ex. Dance ]

4. Spam Dance

5. occasionally use some other emotes

6. wait for a Red heart

7. Buy a Ring from a miscellaneous shop ( if shes poor get any if rich Get best one)

8. Buy a House

9. Gift her the ring

10. if she says yes bring her to house and Make it Martial

TADAH! your married
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silverneo188 answered:

Yes you have to be an adult to get married. Once you get a person to like you enough to marry you, you have to have one of the high star rings like "Ring of forever" or something like that.
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deathconjust answered:

(Target them) Have them like (i suggest expression they like) then wait until the get red heart above them give them a civil ring... then take them to a house you bought and set as marital house to have cut scene of you getting married.
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