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Prize for expression statues?

I've (sort of) figured out how to "do" the expression statues. I know their faces fall off when you get it right, but is there ever an award for getting them all or something, or are they just there?

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theguywithagrin answered:

I had that problem too, its really annoying, but dont worry, you do get (lame) presents for completing them. Like the angry face in the graveyard, after you make its face fall off a little blue orb will appear to your left, shoot it and follow it until it leads you to treasure. The laughing statue (also in the graveyard) opens a door a little ways down the path into a tomb where there is a chest. Its basically just stuff like that.
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chinocholo answered:

First two are in the Cemetery.

First one lets you follow around a little target pad that you have to shoot and bash till you get a chest.

Second one, by the swamp, opens the door to a cave. You see if open if you're looking the right way.
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TheTick0247 answered:

They open up "secret" doors/pathways that lead to something like a chest or cave, nothing special.
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