Question from squashua13

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get a towns economy to 5?

Specifically bowerstone and oakfield

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From: gmharri 6 years ago

The easiest way to boost th economy is to own all the buildings in said town, and have them on -xx% income, buy items at peak time when they are high, and sell items to shops which are in need of certain items.

I'm not sure on this but I believe the more people like you in the town, it will boost the economy.

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Buy Buy Buy

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and sell sell sell. Also, theft, vandalism, murders, and most any other crime commited in town can damage the economy.

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I think that working in a town (like the Lumberjack, Blacksmith, or Bartender jobs) have a good effect on the economy if you do it quite a bit.

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