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Which "a hero's tale paths" am I missing?

Ive played the Hero's tale in the website about 10 times now and can only get

*chicken suit
*dye and nasty expression book

Can someone let me know the paths to get the last 2? Ive seriously been playing the dumb thing over 10 times now

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KyutaSyuko answered:

there are 5 items total, 2 crowns give you 2 of the 5 each, so that's 4 of the 5 items there, and the middle crown gives you the last 1. The description's very misleading as it says you'll only get 1 of 5, but in actuality can get 2 of 5 depending on which crown you choose...
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Silentserenity answered:

You just choose a different crown at the end i don't think you path before then really matters.
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towna answered:

Lionhead tats are the last one im not sure which path you have to take but i think i went good then bad then good and so on then pick the crown where you and your dog leave?
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