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Does the youth regen potion exist?

I just cleared out a cave full of hobbs and came across some papers on the floor. I couldn't help but notice that it made meantion of a potion that can make you look young again. Does this really exists? If so, can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks

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Lostfighter001 answered:

Lionheart that is incorrect...

Of course heres a spoiler though.. Once you make it to bloodstone, travel back to the brightwood tower, buy it. Go to the top of the tower and then sleep in the bed. You'll do a mini in which you have to kill a bunch of enemies and chase around some psychotic schitzofrenic chest who seems to call himself Chesty. Complete doing the nightmare and then your youth will restore.
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stellarwolf213 answered:

Not really. I've heard of 2 ways to gain youth, but they work at the light/dark temples. Too bad it only works when you beat the game.
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lionheart77x answered:

**Spoiler Alert**

There is currently no way to regain your youth if you foolishly kept Reaver's Seal and allowed the spirit to age you.
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