Question from fettman13

I am stuck in place?

I am stuck in place just standing I can not move or do anthing and when I try to fast travel I am still stuck! Can someone tell me what I can do to be able to fully move and play the game again please?

fettman13 provided additional details:

No i can fast travel but when i reach my spot i am still stuck!

fettman13 provided additional details:

Here is a list of the things i can still do
1.Slowy walk by pressing and holding the left trigger.
2.shoot. with my dog.
And that is it.

fettman13 provided additional details:

Nevermind I figured it out.

Accepted Answer

deathconjust answered:

Well if you can't fast travel guess your bummin it's probably a glitch i was stuck but i fast traveled
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fettman13 answered:

Man im happy now cause I GOT MY LEGS BACK WOH WHO!!!
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