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The Dog?

Is there any way in hell to get my dog back

demonUzumakiFox asked for clarification:

ok if u save before entering final part of spire before lord lucien u can keep turning off xbox and gain all three wishes for achievments end with greed if u want the money after then continue as for dog its the knotthole island PREMIUM download to left of the chieftains house/hut thers a tomb get some one to follow you lead them inside run out and pull lever to gain a new doggie i chose money cus i wanted fairfax castle costs a mill in gold ! haha good luck

Accepted Answer

Holy_Morale answered:

I thought it was in one of the downloadable updated from xbox live, I'm not too sure which one nor do I know the specifics as I never lost my dog, but one of those enables you to get your dog back. It's either that or when you finish the game choose the needs of the few.
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