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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find laugh expression?

I cant find the laugh expression
is it a renown or alignment thing,
or do I need a book?
ty :)

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From: blade55440 5 years ago

Once you hit a certain amount of good (75% if I'm not mistaken).

The most efficient way (aka most for your gold) to gain good points is to donate to the temple of light. Donate 5K at a time. You will get 75 points per donation (you can't go higher than 75, so no need to donate more than 5k).

If you destroyed the temple, then give out gifts to everybody you meet.

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I think its either renown or good

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You get it after getting a certain amount of good points

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Supposedly 75% good.

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The easiest way to get the laugh expression very early in the game is to give a villager 100,000 gold. We all know how easy it is to get ridiculous amounts of gold in this game. Hint, hint. You will recieve 1000 good points for this gift. Every 100 gold or 100 gold valued item you give to someone gains you 1 good point. This is also a very easy way to change morality if you have accidently made choices that no longer allow Temple of Light donations.

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Its an renown thing i believe it is after 20000 renown

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You hav to be good.

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Get some good points, no purety the cheapest way is making low gold donations or doing the good solutions in quests. the fastest way is probably giving gifts money or jewels or higher gold donations .

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To get the "Laugh" expression, you need to have 75% Good Points.

Easiest way to get good points is to give money to any person in your world. So find a random person in a town and give them any sum of money. (giving 10 gold gives you 1 good point, giving 100,000 gold will give you 1000 good points). If you have the money, this is by far easier/cheaper than donating to the Temple of Light.

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