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The daichi?

I went into Achron Knot and opened a gate with the blue orb and it was hovering above the ground and i went up to it and pressed the "A" button on it and it flew into this pillar and shut the door and now it is locked and i cant advance through the cave and get the daichi and i cant figure out how to unlock the door, Anyone know how?

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I dont know. I wanted to know what the orb was. But is there a way to get it back unlocked?

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It is on the second level where u have to navigate the path of the candles that are lit. so i did and then the orb was on the blue square so the door was open. I did go through the door and went all the way to there u make the roar expression to the statue and it sends the orb to the next room but it was just sitting on the blue square and i couldnt walk anywhere so i was just running around trying to figure out y this was happening so i went back to other levels of the cave and just happened to press A on the second level orb.

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I just want it all to reset so I can do all of the cave again and not make the mistake so if there is a way to do that without starting the game over I'm all ears.

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remoteconfusion answered:

So when you went in the room the door was open?
And if it was why didn't you go straight through??
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Peacecraft186 answered:

The same thing happened to me, I just reloaded my last save and did it again. Just make sure you hit the orb while it's by the gate and it will open automatically.
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BladeMaster0182 answered:

That happened to me too. If you can't reload your saved game, try fast traveling out and then go back in. A pain I know but unless you want to take up permanent residency in Archon's Knot, you have to.
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RedSource answered:

Ok u have to go to the bright wood manor. Go to the floor with the teleporter. Stand on the teleporter looking at the next part of the building. Make a left. It should look like the ground broke. If it says vault then vault. You should find yourself in a dungeon. It's easy to solve. when you get out make a right you should see a box open it. There you go.
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Jovias answered:

This is regrettably permanent. My sister did the same thing. Unfortunately you will be unable to get the Daishi, its a glitch in the game allowing you to hit it after solving the puzzle and therefore closing the gate again.

I'm sorry to say this, but if you really want that sword, then you'll have to reset your game. BUT you can still get your money and such back. Load your new char as the other chars 2P and just wait out an hour to get a ton of money that you original char owns.
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thedarkone999 answered:

Hey man Idk if it's permanant but I'll give you my Daichi when I get LIVE bac my GT is the same as my name
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iTz_Reaper227 answered:

I think you should try reloading if you aren't too far back, then if that doesn't work or isn't an option, then Im sorry, I think it is permanent.
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Doomed999 answered:

You find at the bright wood tower. There will be a opening on the lage were the colis gate is jump off the lage and go thorght the cave when thorght the cave turn to the right and a chest with the Daichi will be there.
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Dark_Ninja6 answered:

With all the candles just folow a path. Walk into invisibles walls and figure it out. On the candle wall it marks which one you can step on (candles) and the skulls you can't. You'll ifgure it out. Step on square and hit orb if you have to. Then with the locked gate your dog should find a slver key. Follow him and go on blue square. Then go to the expression statue and roar. After that the gate will be open so go through or go back to where the key is. Hit the orb and follow it's trail. There. You can go on from there. Or look at a Walkthrough
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LouieDogg answered:

Best weapon in the game. Its a katana that the weapon description said belonged to an old female monk. Forgot how I got it though...
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