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Merchant is giving me 19% disc. but its lowering the price for things I sell. Help?

I had a 6 percent discount from a Meat Vendor in Bowerstone Market. I checked the price on a bottle of wine I had to sell. It had a base value of 46 and I could sell it to her for 47. I went ahead and increased her opinion of me to the max on love. I went back to the bottle of wine I was going to sell only to find that it had dropped my selling price down to 41.

I went to another vendor and the same thing happened. then I went to another town and another type of vendor and the same thing happpened again. I quit out and reloaded my game, its still the same and then I turned off my xbox and gave it twenty minutes and it still does it.

Anyone know what the deal is.

Areskahn provided additional details:

Thats what I have been doing ,but I wish it worked right. It seems like the sell price and buy price is locked together. So changing the discount on the buying prices changes it on the selling prices.

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Beaglesx12 answered:

I have the exact same issue, i think its just an error in the programming. Your best best would probably be to find a vendor you dont go to much, and make them unhappy with you.
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Shadowguard2008 answered:

Hopefully they'll fix this in an update, its a pretty obvious thing
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sir_laugh_o_lot answered:

Chances are they wont, just like obliv...for other issues...there just lazy like I keep saying. If I had a good crew I would make my game a reality that would put everyone out of buisness, lmao.
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Roshimaru answered:

Doesn't seem like they thought the whole shop thing through when they made it.
The simplest moneymaker is to make the owner fear and like you when you buy from him, then hate and be jolly when you sell to him. Especially if you sell at Fairfax Gardens or during a shortage at some other shop.
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coyzmann answered:

That factor - sell and buy price locked together, (combined with discount when becoming the owner of the shop), makes me in-game Millionaire very early in the game, in just two in-game days, all you have to do is buy the shop, buy very expensive item (like diamond), then sell the shop, sell the item .. repeat n rinse
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