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Can you make multiple heroes, and still keep them all?

After playing through as pure good, i need to still do evil and neutral (For the achievements) my question is that when i restart the game under new game, will the continue always be that new game? or will it grant me a choice between which hero's adventure id like to continue?

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jammymacster answered:

Yes, Just select New Game then when you choose Continue Game you choose which save you want to play.
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bigbluetick answered:

I think you have to use different profiles.
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SpaceAce626 answered:

I dont think there are profiles. The frist one let you have a profile and then up to five save slots per profile. This one just seems to let you have up to six profiles, and that's it! And it's not made clear that you have these extras profile slots, all you can do is just start a new game and save it. When you go to continue it will ask you which profile you want to play.
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geonizer answered:

I'm on my third and I can choose to continue whichever I feel like playing.
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kuvuplan answered:


There are 6 save slots for every profile.

I have 5 profiles and can have 30 heroes. I currently have 1 profile with 4 heroes, 1 with 1, another with 2, and the rest with none. Hitting Continue lets me select which hero to use. I am offline only.
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