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T.O.B.Y. Quest?

The T.O.B.Y. quest in Bloodstone, is this quest good or evil? I found the first item but I had to steal it and I don't want evil points. But will I get good points at the end for completing the quest?

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SouthernVII answered:

Once you do everything he wants & you find out he lied to you, go knock on the door until he answers... make sure he's highlighted & use scary impressions. It took me a little time of doing scary impressions at him to get him to leave town, but that's how you get your good points
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Minime734 answered:

Your going to get evil points for the items unless you buy the houses, but at the end youll have a choice to kill him or scare him off thats where the good points are.
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kenderlyn answered:

I couldn't scare him off, in the end I gave up and killed him. The stealing thing is inevitable since you *can't* buy the properties involved until after the quest.

I'm left with the impression that either way you're squahing a rather nasty cockroach...
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geonizer answered:

I killed him for making me steal the things. The lecherous pig deserved it.
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1DumKraka answered:

I managed to scare him away by growling at him a couple times. It didn't seem to be working so I was going to kill him, but as soon as I pulled out my weapon he left town? I don't know if it was the growling or the pulling of the weapon ...?
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totalymessed answered:

ok it gives you evil points to steal the stufff but then he asked for a hooker so i gave it to him and so guy told me he is lieing so i killed him because he played me for a fool:P
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sig4d answered:

Maybe it's me but where is the first item ( the meat thingy) can't find it anywhere?
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