Question from Maranden

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i open the doors i can only knock?

If anyone has played the game as much as i have there is one thing that has really confused me , and that is , in some of the houses in Bowerstone there is like a door inside like a back one and i cant open it , i can only knock on it , any ideas where this door leads to and what i can do to get through it , it would be a great help thank you ^^

Accepted Answer

From: nejifx 6 years ago

There is a chest with a cheap potion nothing big. That door only opens if you own the house

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It isn't your house. You shouldn't be able to just open the door and walk in.

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There is a door like that in bowerstone old town in one of the houses I own, the door wont open or break becouse its a dead end it leads no where i went around the back side and the balcony to confirm it, but there is one door thats just a closet.

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