Question from sethyboy0

Where do I find the 6-slot machine?

I can't believe I forget the name of the game just half an hour after wining double my chips in it...

Anyways, its the game at Oakfield Inn.

I know that the game has a few variants, some of which have many more slots.

Where can I find them?

sethyboy0 provided additional details:

Yes it is called spinnerbox.

Bowerstone market has keystone...

Wasn't westcliff that card game?

And where in Bower Lake?

Accepted Answer

sethyboy0 answered:

I found it before.

It is in the Rookridge Inn (or whatever the area with the Temple of Shadow is called).
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Link_Leonheart answered:

The game I believe is called spinnerbox and cn be found all over try bowerlake, bowerstone market, or (i think) wetcliff.
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