Question from chinocholo

Asked: 6 years ago

Why won't the furniture store restock?

I own the furniture store in Bowerstone Town Square and I've bought all the pieces of furniture from them. But they never restock anything. I've only been able to update one hose because I can't seem to find a furniture vendor any where else either.

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From: RazielsLegacy 6 years ago

You already own it? Damn. That's the fix for this glitch. Try selling it then repurchasing it. That SHOULD work...

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Same thing happened to me. Though i havent left the area yet. It's things like this that make me think the first fable was better. The controls were better and they would always tell you when the next delivery was.

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Check bowerstones economy levels. If they are at poor levels, or if your charging the furnature store too much then they wount restock as often. If bowerstone is in the midst of an economic crysis or worse a crash.. then well thats the reasoning.

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I'm not sure the exact reason, I've had both stores (there's one in Bloodstone as well) do this, even when everywhere else restocks regularly. I've tried changing the price anywhere from -40% to +40%, and Bowerstone is my main economic hub so there's certainly no recession there.

As for buying the store working... I bought it long after it stopped stocking. And it still doesn't stock. *curses his real estate addiction*

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What i did was killed the furniture seller and just waited for a new one to come and then they were able to restock everyday

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