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Asked: 6 years ago

Temple of Light: Epilog: Exact Location of Bill Post?

I already read te vauge discriptions that people gave to help others find the bill sign, however it still eludes me. The only place in Oakvale/wood with Exterier stairs is the Water Mill, and there is no bill post.

It cannot be the temple itself because it has no stairs according to the description given by others.

It is unfortunate that you can but both the light/shadow temples.

Additional details - 6 years ago

Correct. I am sorry for the confusion. Its the coders fault for the misrepresentation. After The Spire...every thing is as it was said it was:

Temple of Light next to the entry door. It was quite cheap for me.

Accepted Answer

From: Badman666666 6 years ago

Before you go to the Spire in the main quest there are no stairs at the temple after there are, this is as long as you do the quest into the wellspring that protects to temple from the shadow temple.

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