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Black Bandit? gear that appears after the plot of the spire to rescue Garth the will user is compleated. Specificly the Gloves/Sword...OR the Identification thereof.

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No those are different. Look closely and the random bandits that do all these dodge/flips...

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No the gloves are entirly different. They have long belted/spiked gauntlets and the highwaymens are short.

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No that was not to what I was refering to. It was an assassin version that you cant get.

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JasaniAVA answered:

The random black-clad bandits are highwaymen. (Feel free to doublecheck, but that's them.) The garb is found from digging, and I believe you could buy it in Westcliff *spoiler* before you enter the Spire, provided you did Barnum's quest before entering */spoiler*. Not sure, post-Spire, where you can still buy it. >.>
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KuroHo answered:

They should automatically in your cloths labeled something like "spire guard ..."
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