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Children: Cheating Wife: STD's ?

I married Alex, The lady-erm slut from the quest. We HAD 4 Children, I came home one day thought she smelt a bit odd, we had sex and by morning my privates were on fire, AND I had this horrable itch to boot.
So me and her went for a 'walk' to the balverine zoo....Child Protective Agency came by to ensure my kids safty...Now I am home and I want my kids back...If I have to slaughter the whole of Albion to get them back, I will gladdly. I swear I didnt lay a hand on her. I didnt help her eather, I just politly remined her that she didnt help me by getting these 2 std's. If she cant wait for me to come home, then I cant hurry to rescue her....

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Well then if they are connected to your wife and she is cheating on you with strange men, and your actualy being good, and if something 'happens" to her, weather or not your involved, thats a bit unfair. There should be a building that keeps your kids untill you hire a nanny or remarry and if you leave town before then, then you forfit your right.
Anyway, thats my heart, and I guess I should close this before it becomes a debate about who knows what.

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CPTRiggs answered:

The OJ of Albion right here
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nejifx answered:

You cant get your kids back and your wife... damn that sucks!
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lionheart77x answered:

Currently, your spouse can give you STD's if you engage in unprotected sex with her. This is a bug that will, presumably, be addressed. Also, your children are bound to your spouse, as can be seen when you move houses, or you run up on your spouse as she is loading only to watch the child spawn next to her. Therefore, if you kill your spouse, CPS taking your children away is the roleplaying method for informing you of your child's deletion.
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TheGrimDoogle answered:

To be fair, she probably had the STDs when you married her. So she's not cheating on you she just lived a wild life before you came along.
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thedarkone999 answered:

Ok first off SHE'S A BARMAID WE ALL KNOW THEY'RE WHORES if you didn't see that coming damn ur a fool i've had five or six wives and four kids on each one I killed them all to shoot my evil even higher never saw my kids again good riddance.
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Lythiris answered:

If a wife has an "STD", you will get one added to the counter every time you you invite her to bed without protection.
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