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Just something odd that's been bothering me... Someone please help me out?

From the beginning of the game I wanted to have a "good" character, so I've been doing just that. I started buying a lot of properties and soon realized that raising the rent on them makes my character bad, so I changed all the rents so that their better than the average and people will like me more. Now my character is 100% on the "Pure" side and also has 100% "good" too, yet from the time that my character was "evil" for a short while I still have flies buzzing around me... Now are they flies like I know the evil characters get or are they something else?... Because they really look like flies.. lol

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ridoldy answered:

When i was pure evil (max corrupt/evil) I didn't have any flies so I'm sure it's because you're good.
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Giovanni122 answered:

Oh really? I thought it was like the first game.... Anyways.. They're gone now soo.. lol I guess this is answered? lol I dunno...
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