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Is Oakvale the same town as in the Snowblobe?

I noticed it looks a lot like the town there.

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Solidus_Ocelot answered:

Yes. It appears to be oakvale before ......
....Reaver sacraficed it. It is not the same as the Fable 1 Oakvale, but in essance yes it is. I do not know if there Fable 1 referances in this town either. Also, there is a CHANCE that it is not Oakvale, and that it was based off of that area in Wraithmarsh because for some reason the developers did not create a brand new area. But I dont know, for now it is Oakvale to me. :)
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W0lfsbane_ answered:


Oakvale is Wraithmarsh in Fable 2. Wraithmarsh is the destroyed ruins of oakvale.
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